Lure Me Into Sleep
Shames, our twisted games,
Forgotten names, what I once knew--
Taken from the past, hidden from the truth.

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((Well, then. It’s high time that I announce this. This blog will go into an indefinite hiatus… but worry not, it will still be revived as a new one.

I just feel like this blog has run its course and I’m not doing very well with keeping up and maintaining things the way they are now, so I was thinking of starting fresh. It seems like the best thing to do. Nothing feels better than starting from scratch in order to get out of a bad slump, so I will do just that.

I won’t be deleting this blog, and will keep it up for the purpose of… just serving as an archive, really. There were fun times, and kokoro breaking times, and it was wonderful RP-ing with you all. I look forward to doing so again when I finally get back on track.

As for the threads, if you still wish to continue, I can reply using my new account! Same goes for yet unanswered asks, and Magic Anons. I don’t want anything to go to waste as much as possible… I’m simply getting things reorganized, is all.

I hope this is taken in a light note… thank you all for keeping up with me for so long, all 218 of you!

We’ll be back soon.

PS: Once the new blog is up, I’ll post the url here! Worry not! (For now it’s under construction.)

Lots of love,

Ree (and Garry; of course!) ))

"It won’t be long. We’ll meet again! Surely."

Anonymous sent:

How would things have changed if Ib sacrificed herself so Garry and Mary could escape?

((Frankly and obviously, a lot of things.

There is a great possibility that Garry will not even be able to remember Ib when he gets out of the gallery, and unless Mary approaches him, there will be no reminder. Mary would be able to leave the gallery as she pleases and go with Ib’s parents, since her departure is in accordance to one of the gallery’s rules: “In order to escape, you must take the place of another.” Ib is her replacement and she lives Ib’s life, experiences what she wants, explores the world to her liking. Garry stops and stares at a sculpture of a blackened rose which at one point in time could have been crimson, and exits as if he’s just awakened from a frightening dream, and is still haunted by its memory. In one of the frames, a girl clad in red clutches a withered stalk in her hands, sleeping peacefully inside her canvas, surrounded by thorns and vines…))

((//takes a short break to scream happily at the questions thank you very much this makes me very glad))

Anonymous sent:

What would Garry do if he had met Guertena while in the Gallery?

((Oh, we’ve already written that out, as can be seen in this thread. Ah, memories — I got excited just by seeing this again. It’s been months ago but I still am fond of this~

Long story short, he will be suspicious of him; something about the man unsettles him greatly. He gets the same feeling from him as he gets from the gallery… magnified and concentrated by a few degrees. His reaction ranges from hostility to mistrust and trying for deception, in order to escape, to actually trying to hold a decent conversation and socialize. He appears too human — that is why he doubts his own doubts. However, he feels like prey when he’s around him, so he will still be as defensive as possible.))

((Ask me things please I want to make new headcanons I’ll love you forever if you do and bonus points if they’re related to the gallery/deeply personal 

Friendly reminder too that you can specify if you want headcanons for Garry or for Fake!Garry; I have both muses (though I only bring out the latter for “special occasions,” and rarely)

Please no more about his love life or his sex life

I only discuss that privately with a select few and not on here

So sorry to disappoint you))

Anonymous sent:

Enjoying your reputation of being easily bribable?~ Lots of Love- Sleepy!!!

((You’re just jealous because I have all the gold, AND I’m queen))

Anonymous sent:

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☯ ♥ ♠☼ ☼

((OhmygodallthoseheartsI — THIRTEEN OF THEM ARE YOU KIDDING ME I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS — I’m betting my two cents that this is either of the three that I know very well; I got my eyes on you —

TL;DR and under a cut for content, please proceed with caution.))

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Anonymous sent:

Yes, and I really wish you would stop dogging our interview. I even had someone to make macarons for you! -huff- Really dear, if you wish to clear up this "misunderstanding" You and I should finish up our interview~

"B-but I… your questions are… too much to handle… and are so lewd!" The thought of macarons catches his attention, however. “Er… well… every conversation gets instantly better with sweets to snack on during…”

Anonymous sent:

Dude, don't tell me you haven't heard. 50 Shades of Garry by Guertena, coming soon to a bookstore near you, and an exclusive interview about Guertena's Sex Life With Garry and the Ladies brought to you by Ms. Orange to an interview near you.

"T-this is scandalous! I never knew I was in a book! A-and… w-what?! I haven’t heard of this! The interview was never finished! How inappropriate! This is really embarrassing!”

Anonymous sent:

Amaranth, Aloe.
Amaranth: If the chance to be immortal is handed to you, would you take it?
Aloe: What is something that would instantly make you cry at the sight/mention of it?