Lure Me Into Sleep
Shames, our twisted games,
Forgotten names, what I once knew--
Taken from the past, hidden from the truth.

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((So I did this yesterday??? Persona crossovers I ??? don’t ??? know ??? what ?? exactly ??? I’m ? doing ???? BUT HERE YOU GO.

Why did I think that having crayon doodles for the HP status bar is such a good idea it looks like shit now that I think about it. ANYWAY. I HAD TOO MUCH FUN DOING THIS. Especially Mary’s because she’s my bias it was fun thinking of skill sets for her. Her skills are bamf akhsjsksk. And yes, before you ask, I based most of her skills from Alice. Aren’t they cute? Wouldn’t they look cute together? I had some difficulty deciding whether to give her garu or bufu skills so that she’d be weak against fire, but I like garu better, so there.

I can’t see her having a different arcana, so I put Death in there, idek, it just fits okay. As for Ib and Garry, Ib is most likely the Fool and Garry is The Hanged Man (whoops I’m so original).

Original memes can be found here: (x) and (x)

Edit: Now what. I’m tempted to make one for Guertena ashsjkdj. Oh welp. Time to do more research on skills and arcanas. Hoho.))